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Introducing 'Veer Visions', a trusted name in HDPE Pipes, Ducts & related Accessories for PE based Fluid Supply Systems, Telecom & other Cable Ducting etc.

Incorporated in the year 1988 by young, dynamic & qualified professionals, 'Veer Visions' offers a product range commensurate with highest international standards that has been made possible as a result of continuous endeavour & development in piping & ducting industries.

Our Product Range

  • hdpe telecom ducts
    HDPE Telecom Ducts
    PLB-HDPE Telecom Ducts are manufactured using ultra-violet (UV) stabilized grade of HDPE with required Anti Oxidant content and other recommended additives. The inner layer of ducts is duly silicon coated which minimizes the friction between OFC and the duct during the process of blowing the cable into the ducts, thus providing smooth installation of OFC in the duct without damaging the cable fibers.

  • hdpe pipes by veer visions
    HDPE Pipes
    HDPE is very popularly used and recommended for its strength, high flow efficiency, low cost of operation and maintenance, longevity and a host of other unique salient features.

  • end plug - accessories
    End Plug
    Seals duct ends to prevent air, dirt, moisture, insects etc. from entering inside the ducts.

  • coupler - accessories
    Provides air & water tight joints between two duct lengths.

  • simplex plug or end plug by veer visions
    Simplex Plug
    Seals duct ends when cable is already installed in the ducts.

Get Complete Range of HDPE Pipes and PLB-HDPE TELECOM Ducts

plb hdpe telecom ducts

PLB-HDPE for Tele-Communication

With advances in technology in modern day Telecommunications, over a period of time, it became very important to upgrade the HDPE pipes to be used particularly for Telecom applications. The Optical Fibre Cables used for Telecommunications being very delicate and sensitive, it became necessary to modify the HDPE Pipes to be used as conduits for optical fibre cables. This led to the development of Telecom Ducts Permanently Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Ducts.

'Veer Visions' was one of the first very few manufacturers to acquire technology and equipment for establishing complete manufacturing facility for PLB-HDPE Telecom Ducts.

hdpe pipes

HDPE Pipes

HISTORY OF THE PIPE/DUCT INDUSTRY In the earlier days, the commonly used piping material was M.S., R.C.C., Cement, etc. As the time advanced, these materials proved to be costly in handling, installation and maintenance. This led to the discovery of pipes/ducts made from plastic materials.

The plastic industry today is the bedrock of modern industrial civilization. One of the most dynamic and high potential industrial sectors, it has lately come to acquire more dimensions than it was ever expected. Having invaded practically every sector from Agriculture to Aviation, Transportation to Telecommunication and from Consumer Durables to Construction, plastic has become an integral part of our daily life, so much so that we are literally living in a plastic age plastic pipes being part of this revolution.

 accessories used for hdpe telecom pipes


"Veer Visions" PLB HDPE ducts are supported with specially designed accessories and tools. Their use ensures saving of time and labour during installation. Main accessories and tools available in various sizes are

  • Push fit Coupler – provides air & water tight joints between two duct lengths.
  • End Plug – seals duct ends to prevent air, dirt, moisture, insects etc. from entering inside the ducts.