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What does it mean to “Go G.R.E.E.N.?”
G enerate less waste
R ecycle everything that cannot be reused
E ducate the community on eco-friendly options
E valuate the environmental impact of actions
N ourish discussions and activities that integrate environmental education into existing curriculum

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we merely borrow it from our children." 
― Chief Seattle

Every tonne of paper saves 17 trees.

  • Purchase recycled paper.
  • Print on reusable sheets.
  • Print multiple pages on single sheets of paper.
  • Set defaults to print double-sided and print on both sides.
  • Print only the pages required.
  • Preview documents before printing.
  • Increase margin width of the documents.
  • Change the default font size from 12 point to 10 which would shrink your document by about 10%.
  • Use e-mail statements. We can save an enormous amount of paper.
  • Pay your bills online. For every 38,000 bills paid online, 5,058 pounds of greenhouse gases are avoided and two tons of trees are preserved.
  • Use Car pools to go to work. Avoiding 10 miles of driving every week would eliminate about 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year.
  • Drive responsibly. Every gallon of gas burned emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, so make the most of your tank.
  • Use CFL lights.  Compact fluorescents produce the same amount of light as normal bulbs, but use about a quarter of the electricity and last ten times as long.
  • Unplug electronics. Cell phone chargers, TVs, DVD players, stereos, microwaves and other electronics with transformers continue to draw power, even when they're off or not charging anything, as long as they're plugged in.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth.
  • Always use a cloth bag. Do not use paper or plastic bags for your grocery.

VEER VISIONS PVT LTD has set ambitious targets in the areas of energy, water and paper consumption, carbon emissions and reduction of household waste, and each individual site – be it one of our offices, distribution centres or our own factories  – contributes to meeting these targets. But we know this cannot be done without the active involvement of our people. It is in our daily working lives where we need to make the changes that will result in VEER VISIONS being a more sustainable company, one that achieves its environmental ambitions.