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In the earlier days, the commonly used piping material was M.S., R.C.C., Cement, etc. As the time advanced, these materials proved to be costly in handling, installation and maintenance. This led to the discovery of pipes/ducts made from plastic materials.

The plastic industry today is the bedrock of modern industrial civilization. One of the most dynamic and high potential industrial sector, it has lately come to acquire more dimensions than it was ever expected. Having invaded practically every sector from Agriculture to Aviation, Transportation to Telecommunication and from Consumer Durables to Construction, plastic has become an integral part of our daily life, so much so that we are literally living in a plastic age - plastic pipes being part of this revolution.

In the sphere of piping engineering, the advent of pipes made of plastic material is acknowledged internationally as the latest, most economical and reliable way of fluid and gas transportation, ducting for Optical Fibre Cables in Telecom sector and other cable ducting.

Since plastic was accepted as the most suited Piping & Ducting material, the Engineers and Technologists kept on their efforts to develop more and more reliable plastic material which ultimately led to the discovery of High Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE) as the best suited plastic material. Today, HDPE is very popularly used and recommended by Field Engineers and Consultants due to its strength, high flow efficiency, low cost of operation and maintenance, longevity and a host of other unique salient features.

Thanks to HDPE, a revolutionery thermoplastic, all the shortcomings of pipes as a medium for the flow of fluids, ducting for optical fibre and other cables etc have now been overcome. "Veer Visions" pipes & ducts are manufactured by Veer Visions Pvt. Ltd., a company that started with a humble beginning three decades ago. Today, it is catering to the needs of various segments of our society and industry, viz; Telecommunications, Agriculture & Irrigation, Water Supply and a host of other applications.