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PLB-HDPE Telecom Ducts Accessories & Tools

'Veer Visions' PLB HDPE Telecom ducts are supported Push Fit Coupler with specially designed accessories and tools. Their use ensures saving of time and labour during installation. Main accessories and tools available in various sizes are:

  • Push fit Coupler - provides air & water tight joints between two duct lengths.
  • End Plug - seals duct ends to prevent air, dirt, moisture, insects etc. from entering inside the ducts.
  • Cable Sealing Plug/Simple Plug - seals duct ends when cable is already installed in the ducts.
  • Rotary Duct Cutter - cuts duct ends squarely.
  • C-Spanner - tightens the coupler properly on to the ducts.

Accessories named above play a very important role during the process of laying of ducts and installation of cables in the ducts. Superior & high quality duct accessories are provided by 'Veer Visions', which ensure trouble free and easy installation. The above fittings are as per latest design and are readily available ex-stock. These are easy to use. Push fit couplers provide an added advantage of quick insertion of duct into coupler. If required, the duct can be easily detached from Rotary Duct Cutterthe push fit Coupler. This makes it very convenient for use in the field.